We would love to help you get started!

If you are interested in starting a group in your community, your national CBS team will orientate you and provide support through prayer, training and encouragement. If you would like to start a group and feel that it’s God’s call for you, here are the steps:

1. Form a team

CBS is a team ministry. Whether you are in a church, or just two or three Christians wanting to impact your community, a team is essential.

2. Start praying

Start praying with each other for the details of the new group. The who, why, what, where, when and how?

3. Make a flyer

Make a flyer, invitation or social media post in which all the details are explained.

4. Start inviting people

Start inviting people and giving out flyers. If you offer a Bible course for 6 weeks, people will come much more readily than to a longer study course.

5. Get trained

Get your team of leaders trained by your national team.

6. Order materials

Order the materials of the Bible book you will study together.

7. The first day

The first day of your group is usually an introductory session rather than a formal study time.

Use an icebreaker to get to know people.

Ask participants about themselves.

Register contact details.

Introduce the study and explain how the study works.

Give an introductory talk about the book being studied.

8. Keep praying

Keep praying for the group with your team of leaders.